Getting your Brain Ready for Peak Performance

One of the things I do to keep my brain sharp for science is to play chess online. But with all the new research projects at LivingTheCRWay, I had not had the time to play for two months. Finally, this past Sunday I felt that I could take an hour out to play a game of speed chess.

These days playing chess online can be like playing a computer. Players practice with computers and they learn every nuance of opening play. Many are young too. For all I know, I could be paired with a 12-year-old prodigy – quite a challenge for a senior player like me who doesn’t have time to study chess.

Still, I have some advantages. I know a lot of ways to get my brain to function at its peak, techniques that most of my chess player opponents haven’t even thought about. I follow the brain booster protocol on LivingTheCRWay. It is my morning routine every day since I want to make sure my brain functions at peak for every activity.

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