A Calorie Restriction Diet – What that Really Means

Following a calorie restriction diet can be a happy and healthful experience.  But before you begin calorie restriction, you need to know what that really means. Lots of people think that eating as few calories as possible – a starvation diet – is what calorie restriction is about.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can eat a lot of food on a calorie restricted diet – and the calories don’t have to be excessively low. Take a look at this picture of calorie restriction recipes, created by LivingTheCRWay.com.  If you ate  healthy portions from every recipe pictured here, you would still be at only  700 calories for a meal.

A Calorie Restriction Diet – What that Really Means

Satisfaction Sweet Potato Medallions

Easy Sweet Peas

Savory Barley topped with Sweet Peppers

Light Lentils

Relaxation Soup

Wheat berries with Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Blueberries

Sprouted Grain Bread

So what makes a calorie restriction diet different? Calorie Restriction is about changing the way your cells communicate so that longevity genes are activated. You can find out more in this blog:  What is Calorie Restriction, Anyway?

Recipes for a calorie restriction diet are provided in the CR Way for Longer Life Software, which is included as a benefit to members of LivingTheCRWay. com.




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