Air Quality and your Longevity


Last night we talked with a CR Way member about air quality. After our conversation, we decided it was time to send you a newsletter about it.

If the quality of the air you breathe is improved, you will notice it: You will sleep better and cough less. Your skin and eye irritations will reduce. In general you will have more energy.

However, if your air is polluted significantly, you are in danger: Your risk for disease is higher than normal.

Air Quality Breakthrough

The big breakthrough for improving air quality in the CR Way Longevity Center was discovering the Dylos air quality monitor. It allows users to measure the quality of their air in the rooms they use.

At first, we thought the quality of air in the Longevity Center was good. How wrong we were! After using the Dylos, we realized that many of the rooms that we use routinely had hazardous amounts of particulates in the air.

So we got to work, researching air purifiers to find effective systems to use. It took a couple of years to work through the air purifier market, which is filled with products that don’t do what they say their advertizing says AND cost a lot of money.

Lots of them are not easy to work with either. Even the IQ Air purifier that we use in the Longevity Center, requires changing of the filters every three months. It’s not easy to do, and it’s a bit expensive. Still, breathing pure air is worth it.

You can find out what we use for air purification here in the CR Way store.

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