Calorie Restriction – the CR Way: Getting Started

The CR Way community is about living better longer. We don’t like the words limit and restrict. Happiness, satisfaction – realizing your full potential – is what the CR Way is about. So before you limit one calorie, find out how to manage your happiness and satisfaction levels so unhealthy comfort foods won’t be so tempting. This video will help:


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The CR Way has changed the way people think about calorie restriction. CR used to be only about eating fewer calories than normal for your sex, height, age, and activity level. While moderate calorie intake is still important, the extraordinary health benefits come from shifting your body’s metabolism from using energy to producing energy, and slowing the rate at which your cells replicate.

And don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it’s not. is full of tips on how to do it.

Supercharge Your Cells!

Your cells need energy from calories to perform vital functions, like walking and breathing. Excessive energy availability makes them lazy: Cell division gets sloppy, making dangerous mutations more likely. Disease can result.

When cells have less energy than they need (don’t overdo it!), your ancient defense system takes over. This system evolved so living things could make it through times when little food was available.

Your cells will become supercharged for survival. Rather than using only energy sources like glucose, they’ll also burn fats and proteins. In fact, your fat stores will be burned for energy. So if you need to lose weight, it will be easier.

Energy-sensitive organs like your heart and brain will adapt. Your heart function will improve. So will your memory and your ability to learn new information.


Use available Resources has a huge amount of content. You will find that many of your questions are already answered. Just use the search box and the content you are looking for will likely appear. Make sure to post new questions in the LivingtheCRWay forums.  Gain access by becoming a free Healthy Start member.

Form a close relationship with a doctor

Get your baseline measurements before you start by having a complete physical. Have a repeat physical after six months to a year into your program to see the effects. The CR Way, has a list of the biomarkers to be tested, along with suggested goal results. Full members can find updates in the Aging section on The biomarkers are also integrated into the CR Way 4 Longer Life software

Don’t be fooled. See part two, Avoiding CR Myths, a new blog on LivingTheCRWay and become a Healthy Start member so you can take advantage of all hands-on, friendly guidance on

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