Calorie Restriction: Dangerous Mistakes I Made


canstockphoto20563903One of the most discouraging things that happens to people when they follow a longevity lifestyle is the mistakes they make. Even with the best of intentions sometimes people follow advice that leads to dangerous consequences.

That happened to me, when I started calorie restriction. After what seemed like a promising start, I ended up with a serious disease that could have caused me to lose the sight in one of my eyes.

I’m happy to say, those mistakes have long since been corrected. But we thought it important for you, especially if you’re just starting a longevity lifestyle, to know more about the mistakes you can make. So we created the Live Better Longer video series and made the first video about what happened to me:  Dangerous Mistakes I Made.  Sign up to watch it here.

Other videos in the series include:

  • Your Transformation – focuses on the right way to make calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, glucose control, protein restriction or methionine restriction part of your life.
  • 125-Year Plan – suggestions and challenges for greatly extended lifespan
  • Putting Live Better Longer into Practice – practical ideas for implementing a longevity lifestyle.

The Live Better Longer  video series is free!


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