Calorie Restriction more effective with science from other fields

Does it bother you that the Internet seems like a world of fiefdoms? You go to one website to find out something about exercise. Another one has special tips on weight loss. Still another site may have valuable insights about diabetes. And the list goes on and on – sometimes with conflicting information. has initiated a new teleconference series.

that helps bring longevity and health science and practice together in one, easy-to-apply, coherent whole.  Based on calorie restriction, which has been shown to extend life and protect against disease, includes cutting-edge content from experts in every area of health and longevity.

For example, the Protection from Disease pages deals with individual disease states – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. (For more see Customizing a longevity lifestyle).

and incorporates suggestions from medical  specialists in preventing and treating the specific diseases.

Throughout the website, longevity science draws from many areas of study – from meditation to improving brain power, planning delicious meals for dieting, and the list goes on and on.

After all, your health is your most important asset: No stone that may make it as good as it can be for as long as it can be should be left unturned.

So our new Expert Series of live teleconferences, held twice monthly  will provide members of

the opportunity to talk in live teleconferences with the best of the best about cutting-edge approaches that can make a positive difference in your life.

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