Calorie Restriction Must be Delicious

 Best Table shot

Calorie Restriction must be delicious. So LivingTheCRWay insists that low-calorie, nutrient-dense meals be laden with taste treats.  You should enjoy every bite while you eat and enjoy the extraordinary health you get from eating this way. You will definitely live better, and who knows, you might live longer too! Here’s a beautiful example of what we are talking about, the photos from a joint celebration for CR Society and LivingTheCRWay members.

The CR Way Longevity Center Summer Celebration


2 Responses to “Calorie Restriction Must be Delicious”

  1. Steve

    Just investigating how easy this lifestyle change is to follow.

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by, Steve. When people become a member of living the CR Way, we encourage them to customize their own way of practicing it so it works for their needs and goals. You can become a Healthy Start Member for free and gain access to very helpful blogs and forums or become a Full Member and gain unparalleled access to the advice of world-leading experts Live.


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