Can Anand Improve his Chances for the World Chess Championship?

VishyAnand09The World Chess Championship has reached the halfway point. After six games, 22-year old chess wonder, Magnus Carlsen leads with two wins to zero for the current world chess champion, 43-year-old Viswanathan Anand. In the first four games Anand showed his excellent preparation: He forced Carlsen away from his slow, grind-the-opponent-down strategy to the tactical complicated positions in which Anand excels. And it almost worked: All four games ended in draws.

But the age-related difference between Anand and Carlsen may have taken its toll. In Game 6 Anand made critical mistakes in the latter part of the game, which is typical of older players.

But Anand still has many resources that can increase his chances to bounce back. Here are a few suggestions:

 1.   Continue exercising – Anand wisely prepared physically for the match. Exercising on his day off is all important to help recover and regain. Consideration should be given to doing moderate exercise right before the game. This was a strategy employed by Botvinnik regained his title in the historic match with the younger Tal.

Walking before the game would help Anand settle his nerves and may increase his intellectual performance.

2.     Eat salmon the day before – the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, as well as the protein itself, may increase cognitive performance. Choosing fish from pollution-free waters is important.

3.   Sleep deeply – deep, restful sleep increases cognitive performance and helps clear the brain of toxic waste products that interfere with thought processes.

 4.   Meditate – great minds from India and many other countries have proven that meditation increases relaxation and ability to concentrate.

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 Hoping for a great match!

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