Cholesterol, Glucose Control & Immunity – an Important Trio!


When we started calorie restriction 20 years ago, we came bounding into our doctor to hear his interpretation of our blood test results. We wondered what he would say, especially about Paul’s cholesterol. It was 93! His response: “Wonderful cholesterol, but it needn’t be that low.”

Another of our doctors, an immunologist, had a different take on it, “Cholesterol that low is dangerous – Never let it drop that far!”

Our super low cholesterol days are gone. These days, we aim for cholesterol in the 120 to 140 range. That’s easy to achieve when one follows The CR Way to Great Glucose Contromeal plans. In fact, we’ve had several Great Glucose Control participants who started the classes while taking a cholesterol-lowering medication. After following the program and discussing it with their doctor, they decided to let their medication go: Their cholesterol had ceased to be a problem.

Why does this happen? Because when one controls glucose levels well, the body shifts its metabolism from fat storage to fat burning, and cholesterol formation is blocked.

Cholesterol and Immunity

Before you stand up and cheer remember this: New evidence indicates that microbes (including common herpes and pneumonia viruses) can remain dormant in your brain for decades.  As you get older, your immune system may weaken – opening the gate for these pathogens to damage your neurons, making you susceptible to Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases. For more, become a free Healthy Start member  and log in to to read this blog post:  Yeast found in the Brains of Alzheimer’s Patients.

Optimal Cholesterol!

We’d like to help you get the best of both worlds:

What cholesterol levels to aim for?

On this Saturday afternoon, March 26, at 4:00 (ET) Dr. Mike Lustgarten will hold a special teleconference that will help you optimize your cholesterol levels. Normally, this teleconference would be available only to Contributing Members of LivingTheCRWay. But if join as a Great Glucose Control participant, it’s yours as a bonus. We want to be sure that you understand the relationship between glucose and cholesterol and have the chance to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your health.


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