CR Way Glucose Control Reverses Pre-diabetes

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A few years ago, a LivingTheCRWay Contributing Member got a diagnosis of prediabetes from her doctor. At 5.6, her HbA1c was a bit high. Other than that, she was in great health: perfect weight, good all-around scores on blood tests – including cardiovascular assessments.

When she asked us for help, we suggested trying to reset the memory of her pancreatic B cells, which are responsible for secreting insulin and returning the blood glucose to fasting levels. She has taken The CR Way to Great Glucose Control classes and was aware that the fifth part of the Great Glucose Control e-book focuses on resetting B-cell memory.

Her higher-than-normal fasting glucose was understandable. Her busy schedule had distracted her from some of the natural things she does to keep glucose low, like eating complex low-GI carbs slowly and finishing her last meal of the day as early as possible.

So we worked with her: helping reorganize her eating schedule and adding exercise at strategic glucose-lowering times — after meals, for example. At first it was slow going. Her fasting glucose stubbornly remained above 100 – a risk factor for many diseases.

It took months for it to reset – first into the 90s. And she stayed with it – finally making it into the 80s and eventually the 70s – perfect for activating known longevity signaling like AMPK. Her success showed up in other ways too – better blood pressure, improved eye sight, and better memory – evidence that her glucose control was activating beneficial biochemistry.

At any point along the way, it would have been easy to give in and get a prescription for a diabetes drug, but her persistence allowed her to achieve fasting glucose naturally that anyone would be happy with.

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