CR Way Recipe for Glucose Control: Black Nile Barley

Have you ever tried Black Nile Barley? We purchased this delicious, ancient grain recently from Lentz Spelt Farms. Glucose control is important to LivingTheCRWay members, so we decided to test the glucose effects of a  new Black Nile Barley recipe.  You can read more about it by becoming a Healthy Start member and logging into the Recipes & Foods, Cooked and Raw forum on

Here is the glucose testing regimen followed by Paul McGlothin, President of LivingTheCRWay,  starting from the time he awakened:

barley with lemon

Fasting Glucose – 73 mg/dL


Upper Body Exerciser – 17 minutes

Wearing a 25-lb. weight vest while walking up and down hills – 30 minutes

Glucose after exercise – 75 mg/dL

When Paul’s glucose levels are raised by exercise before breakfast, he has usually finished his last meal of the previous day a bit late. Indeed it was at 4:15, more than two hours later than he prefers. That means extra glycogen will be available to fuel glucose levels, even when exercising during fasting.

Tease meal (a small meal, usually a single course, to stimulate insulin production)

FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) – 3 grams

Lemon wedges  – 45 g

Tart Cherries – 55 g

Walnuts – 4 g

Sunlamp Exposure – 2 minutes

Meditation – 30 minutes

Mental Challenges –Dual n-Back and rapid solving of chess problems

Upper body Exerciser – 17 minutes

Glucose – 63 mg/dL!

Glucose control success! The regimen’s glucose-lowering effect says that the insulin level is ready to tackle Black Nile Barley.

Since we know this barley has a higher GI than most CR Way Foods to Choose, a delicious savory recipe helps blunt its glucose effect:

Black Nile Barley

Eggshell and flax seed, both ground

Lemon wedges

Pumpkin seeds

Garlic (pre-pressed in Jo Robinson style) and onion add to the flavor.

Here’s how the glucose testing went:

Time                      Blood glucose/mg/dL      

9:14 am                 68 – after finishing Black Nile Barley serving

9:34                       80

9:57                       92

10:17                     78 – glucose control success!

The glucose control protocol muted the barley’s postprandial glucose effect. A 24-point rise occurred within an hour’s time, followed by an insulin-lowering effect – bringing blood glucose down to very healthy levels. 

Now look at the barley’s effect on blood glucose without The CR Way to Great Glucose Control regimen. The barley raised glucose levels by 28 points. Most important: It took an additional hour for glucose to return to healthy levels.  Don’t be fooled by the big drop from 104 to 67: Significant glucose fluctuations have been linked to increased risk of disease

Time-interval Blood Glucose Readings

Time                     Blood Glucose/mg/dL

8:43 am                 76 – After finishing Black Nile Barley serving

9:03                       71

9:23                       101

9:43                       89

10:03                     104

10:23                     87

10:43                     67


Glucose control is complex. It requires knowledge of the blood glucose-raising effects of the foods you eat and what works to lower it safely. Controlling glucose levels has the potential to improve health – particularly cognitive functions.

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