Customizing your Diet, e.g., Eggs?

canstockphoto16984473Here’s a holiday gift that truly keeps on giving: a customized diet that takes into account your individual health. For example, is eating eggs healthful? Any number of “authorities” will answer that for question for you. Right now there’s a discussion about eggs in the LivingTheCRWay Cardiovascular Health forum:  Do Eggs Increase Cardiovascular Risks? (Become a Healthy Start member to gain access to this post and other posts).

 Here, you will find studies and articles, pro and con, about egg intake. Some of them suggest that eggs may boost the immune system and improve brain development and cognition.

But the high cholesterol level from regular egg intake may have been a disaster for a seemingly healthy CR practitioner who had serious microbiome issues. Studies show that microbes increase plaque deposition in arteries.

These microbes probably used the high cholesterol content of her egg-day-diet to increase plaque deposition in her arteries. She died of a simultaneous heart attack and stroke.

She loved the way eggs taste and justified her egg intake with their high amounts of certain nutrients that could be beneficial. But in the long run that didn’t matter when it came down to keeping her cardiovascular system healthy.

Still want to eat eggs? Perhaps a prerequisite would be evaluating your gut and/or gingival microbiomes to see how healthy they are. If your gum pockets are deep, correct that issue before eating eggs. (See

This blog is not about whether you should eat eggs. It is about providing hints about customizing a lifestyle that works for you – one that lengthens your healthspan. Towards that end, LivingTheCRWay offers a free, personalized telephone consultation for each new Contributing member  to the CR Way. If you haven’t had yours, let us know so we can schedule it.

This is also a primary purpose of CR Way DNA HACR  participation – to be able to compare your results to your peers, track your progress over time, and gain insights as to where you may want to make changes.

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