How long will you live? And how well? Two Calorie Restriction Pathways will Decide.

How long will you live? And how well? Two Calorie Restriction Pathways will Decide.

How long will you live? And how well? These 2 Pathways will Decide.

Find out more at the CR Society Conference

June 5 – 8: Wednesday through Saturday

Novato, CA – just north of San Francisco.

 Imagine two pathways that are so important that they determine how long you live and, even more important, your quality of life. You need to understand these pathways to make good decisions – like how much exercise to do, what supplements to take, what foods to eat, and even how much money you may need to pay your medical bills.

These pathways are biological, internal to all of us: coordinated signals by which your cells communicate – both with other cells and with their own internal components. These signals are amazingly sensitive. They change, depending to how clean your environment is, whether you eat meat or beans – even how happy you are. And no matter what you do to hide the effects these pathways have on the way you look and act, they will show up in everything you do: from how well you  play a sport to how effective you are on the job – even the kind of smile that’s on your face.

The powerful signals that determine rate of aging will be one of  the topics of discussion at the CR Society International 10th  Anniversary Conference, where those interested in life extension come together enthusiastically to hear the astounding results of the latest human research. For the first time, people who follow CR diets will have a road map of their lifestyle, showing how it controls pathways of aging in humans.

This road map of aging has evolved in large part from CR Society Research projects by Drs. Luigi Fontana,  Joseph Dhahbi, and Stephen Spindler. And, of course, much more is out there still to be learned.

To make it possible for all to take part in this historic event, The Society is keeping the registration fee at the early-bird level: $280, a fraction of the cost of the medical procedures you may avoid by going to the Society’s online registration page and signing up to join this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the lifestyle that may extend your life. Oh, by the way, you’ll have the fun of meeting other “co-conspirators” in this plan to hold onto our lives.

If your schedule is tight or you won’t know until the last minute, the Society is offering a daily rate of $99. You may know that you can start your Conference experience with the Buck Institute’s special seminar – The Science of Caloric Restriction (pre-conference on Wednesday morning, June 8) – with a shockingly affordable admission fee.

Need a ride or a place to sleep?. Try these:

And make sure to post about your interest in sharing a ride or sleeping accommodations on the Society’s forumsFacebook page,  and/or in the LivingTheCRWay’s Finding Friends forum.

On behalf of the CR Society members and board (board chair, Meredith Averill, and president, Brain Delaney) and the members of, we invite you to meet us at the CR Society Conference, starting on June 5. Start now to live longer and better.

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