Pathogenic Microbes in your Mouth can give you a Heart Attack

Pathogenic Microbes Infect the Heart Pathogenic Microbes Infect the Heart

You can eat a heart-healthy diet, exercise regularly, get long and satisfying sleep, meditate, and do any number of other heart-supporting activities. Yet if you have pathogenic microbes in your mouth, they could give you a heart attack.

Flashback five years ago: my beautiful mother was alive. She looked great – At 85, she exercised twice a day and ate fairly healthfully. But I knew that the microbiomes in her gut and mouth were not good for her health.

We didn’t know what to do about it. Microbiome analysis was just coming into its own. So, we didn’t pursue it. Anyway, life seemed good for her. My mom would amaze me with her energy. Besides her twice daily exercise, she saw her friends regularly, even won a few bridge tournaments around town, and loved her pet cats and dogs. So we expected her life to continue in its healthy, happy way. But it was not to be. One day she didn’t answer the telephone, and the next day emergency medical services found her on her bed after having had a simultaneous heart attack and stroke.

We can’t prove that pathogenic microbes caused her death, but the chances are good.

We don’t want this to happen to you.

So LivingTheCRWay  is moving full steam ahead with a groundbreaking research project to thoroughly analyze the oral microbiome of its Contributing members. We will be guided by brilliant scientists whom were recently featured on CR Way Expert Teleconferences, Drs. Sim Singhrao and Bruce Paster.  The study will focus on oral bacteria and the risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.

We also may be able to identify pathogenic bacteria that can cause irritable bowel syndrome and other gut diseases.

To read the rest of the blog and find out how you can participate, become a free Healthy Start member of


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