Reinventing Black Bean Sweet Potato Casserole

Black Bean Pasta with Sweet Potatoes

When Meredith and I were first hobnobbing around New York City’s health foods restaurants, black-bean – sweet-potato casserole was a popular offering: Lots of restaurants offered some version of it. The recipes often included these ingredients: blacked beans (overcooked), mashed sweet potato (high GI), a layer of cashews (high in saturated fat), ground flax seed (would be fine except that the casserole was baked – potentially turning the flax seed fat in AGEs), molasses (high GI) and moistened with olive oil and canola oil (both activate androgen activity – canola destabilizes my PSA).

To the unknowledgeable, the black bean sweet potato casserole seems like a perfect combination of healthful foods. And given all its flaws, it is still light years healthier than standard western diet fare.

But we’ve learned a lot since then. Feast your eyes on a CR Way Black Bean-Sweet Potato Pasta dish pictured above.

Completely organic, easy to digest, non-GMO, nutrient-dense, low AGE, low GI, and deliciously al dente cooked sweet potatoes flavored – with ginger and fennel. Walnuts are the healthful fat source in the dish.

This is a scrumptious, hearty meal that will give you enough calories for a breakfast, lunch or dinner, help keep your glucose under control, improve your lipid profile and provide a significant helping of nutrients.

It is also easy to digest – eliminating some of the gas and allergic reactions that some beans can cause.

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