Scientists answer your questions at next CR Way teleconference

Sixteen years ago, two visionary scientists, Drs. Stephen Spindler and Joseph Dhahbi began publishing the results of a quest to help people live longer. Focusing on calorie restriction, the only scientifically proven way to extend lifespan, Drs. Spindler and Dhahbi decided to concentrate on identifying cellular regulators that control calorie restriction’s beneficial effects. They looked at how CR changes cell signaling patterns. Their work identified the first calorie restriction mimetic, Metformin, as analyzed in this study.

Identification of potential caloric restriction mimetics by microarray profiling.

Spindler and Dhahbi are poised to provide profound new insights for slowing aging. The results of their four years of studying candidate compounds for extending lifespan are just starting to be reported. We discussed this as part of the CR Way blog: Meeting at Spindler Lab may lengthen your life. Soon longevity activists will learn that some favorite supplements do nothing to change rate of aging (some may accelerate it) while others are likely to extend life.

We are thrilled to announce that Drs. Spindler and Dhahbi have graciously agreed to join us in forthcoming CR Way teleconferences. The first one is set for Wednesday, July 11, at 7:30 PM, ET.

Available to supporting members of, CR Way teleconferences allow time for questions by attendees. Come, hear the scientists discuss their latest work and how it applies to you. If you send your questions in advance, we will submit them to the scientists so they can think about how best to answer you.

To join this historic occasion, become a supporting member of Choose a membership that fits your needs . Use the¬† e-mail address that’s associated with your supporting membership¬† to send a note to, requesting the call-in details. If you don’t request through reply to this announcement, please be sure to tell us that you want to join the Spindler-Dhahbi teleconference on July 11. That’s just the beginning. We hold live teleconferences twice monthly for supporting members.


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