CR Way Support Group Makes Healthful Longevity Living Easier

support group with mapMany of you have said that your friends and family sometimes make CR Way living difficult. Members report that they are often encouraged to eat all kinds of unhealthful things and, sometimes, even your friends make fun of you when you choose healthful food for your meals.  Others have a hard time embracing the new dietary ideas the CR Way offers and would like to get back to the traditional way they ate for most of their lives.

Then we all face emotional challenges and often want to turn to food to help ease the pain. Whatever perspective you bring to your CR Way life, it’s easier to do it with friends who will support you – and that’s what this group is all about.

If this describes some of the challenges you face, you need to join the CR Way Support Group. As far as we know, this is the first time when those following a healthful longevity lifestyle can meet in a live teleconference and discuss their challenges and successes. There is no pressure. Participants choose to speak or not. The meeting is intentionally not recorded, so that anyone who speaks does not have to worry about sharing something they don’t want to be widely available.

The CR Way Support Group is open to Contributing members of You can find out more about Contributing membership here.

If you are a Contributing Member or a CR Way Great Glucose Control Participant and would like to attend a support group meeting, please let us know so we can put you on the list.

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