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Wild Blueberries – Readily Available!

Wild blueberries served over warm hulled barley at the CR Way Longevity Center. On Saturday’s Expert Teleconference, a member asked an important, practical question: Can you buy aronia berries or tart cherries at Whole Foods? His question evolved from the discussion of the potential benefits of aronia berries and tart cherries – fruit we’ve purchased… read more

Berries for Your Brain!

In 2004, Dr. David Sinclair and colleagues published a paper identifying STACS, sirtuin activating compounds. Sirtuins are histone deacetylases that become active during caloric restriction. Two sirtuins SIRT1 and SIRT3  are associated with a host of caloric restriction benefits. The hope was that by identifying STACS that calorie restriction would lead to the discovery of calorie… read more

Nurturing CR Way Recipe – Fresh from the Farmers’ Market

Are you dreaming about food that YOU want to eat for Thanksgiving … healthful foods that you find really delicious? Here is a recipe that fills the bill, discovered through J&A Farm, found locally at the farmers’ market. They sell a wonderful variety of root vegetables, including lots of interesting radishes. We were about to pass… read more