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Calorie Restrictor Exceeds all Lifespan Expectations

I’m sorry to report that my Uncle Pat McGlothin has died. He was within three days of reaching his 94th birthday. His goal was to live to be 100, but he couldn’t quite make it. Pat was a tall man. He was on the famed Brooklyn Dodgers teams of ’49 and ’50, so his stats… read more

Help for Calorie Restrictors who Need to GAIN Weight

Many people who start calorie restriction do not need to lose one pound. In fact, many need to gain weight. Calorie Restriction is not about weight loss (though it often happens) or gain. It is about activating longevity signaling in cells, as we have often discussed. One problem in putting this into practice is getting… read more

Expert teleconference on Calorie Restriction, Exercise, and Longevity

Many people are signing up to be CR Way members so they can take advantage of the teleconference series, which features health and longevity experts. Tonight’s Guest is Dr. Pankaj Kapahi, professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. It will be held at 7:30 (ET). Dr. Kapahi has had a significant  influence on… read more