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Brain Aging Affects Chess Championships

2016 U.S. Championship Field Title First Name Last Name USCF Age Residence GM Hikaru Nakamura 2869 28 Saint Louis, MO GM Fabiano Caruana 2858 23 Saint Louis, MO GM Wesley So 2848 22 Minnetonka, MN GM Ray Robson 2752 21 Saint Louis, MO GM Gata Kamsky 2737 40 Lubbock, TX GM Alex Onischuk 2745 41… read more

Calorie Restriction and brain training improves cognition

Pre-law students, take heart! If you study intensely for a law school admissions test (LSAT), which involves three months of rigorous training, your brain makes positive changes. A perceptive study led by a graduate student Allyson Mackey at UC Berkley’s Helen Willis Neuroscience Institute at the Bunge Lab, shows that people who work hard at… read more