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CR Way Teleconferences: Better than Email!

  Have you ever written a detailed email about an important health-related topic? Perhaps you took time to find supporting studies, or included a carefully crafted personal anecdote. How long did it take you? Hours? Days? Even if your email was persuasively written, it might not communicate what you’d hoped to your audience. Your audience… read more

Your Body Scan

  How is your body doing? No, we don’t mean if you look good or feel good, but rather how are you doing at the subconscious level. Is your gut microbiome healthy? How about your skin microbiome or perhaps your eye microbiome? Do you have irritations in these places?  How about your feet? Do they… read more

FGF21 extends life in mice – what about humans?

Research is released daily that those who strive for optimal health and long life want to integrate into their lifestyle. This is what Living The CR Way is all about – helping people understand science and how to use it to make their lives better and possibly longer. So LivingTheCRWay.com initiated live teleconferences featuring leading… read more

CR Way Teleconferences Present Physician – Experts

October 24 with Dr. Bromberg! When we started calorie restriction almost 20 years ago, we were lucky: We had the guidance of superb physicians. In fact one of them, Paul’s former internist, practices calorie restriction. At the time, little research on calorie restriction in humans was available. So, most of what people practiced was based… read more

Calorie Restriction more effective with science from other fields

Does it bother you that the Internet seems like a world of fiefdoms? You go to one website to find out something about exercise. Another one has special tips on weight loss. Still another site may have valuable insights about diabetes. And the list goes on and on – sometimes with conflicting information. LivingTheCRWay.com has… read more