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Even Mildly Elevated Phosphorus Can Cause Artery Calcification

Yesterday’s teleconference with Dr. Michael Rosen was extraordinary. He came prepared to discuss subjects that are of utmost importance to LivingTheCRWay members. This included bone health and how to use urine and blood tests to evaluate bone formation status. The discussion extended to calcification in arteries- Vitamin D3 and D1, parathyroid hormone, calcium intake and… read more

Extraordinary teleconference with Dr. Michael Rosen

Dr. Michael Rosen, director of the Kidney Stone Center at the Mount Kisco Medical Group, was the featured expert for a wonderfully enriching teleconference yesterday. He discussed many important topics: Analyzing urine – what can be learned from a 24- hour urine profile Kidney health The kidneys’ relationship to the heart Kidneys and aging The… read more

CR Way Teleconferences Present Physician – Experts

October 24 with Dr. Bromberg! When we started calorie restriction almost 20 years ago, we were lucky: We had the guidance of superb physicians. In fact one of them, Paul’s former internist, practices calorie restriction. At the time, little research on calorie restriction in humans was available. So, most of what people practiced was based… read more