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Pathogenic Microbes in your Mouth can give you a Heart Attack

Pathogenic Microbes Infect the Heart

You can eat a heart-healthy diet, exercise regularly, get long and satisfying sleep, meditate, and do any number of other heart-supporting activities. Yet if you have pathogenic microbes in your mouth, they could give you a heart attack. Flashback five years ago: my beautiful mother was alive. She looked great – At 85, she exercised… read more

Identifying Pathogens: Lots to Gain, Little to Lose

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Following is a letter we sent to scientists that we thought should go to CR Way members. _______ In Pittsburgh we discussed briefly the Harvard research, indicating that beta amyloid build-up in the brain could emanate from the brain’s defense against microbes. While I am sure that confirmation of the microbial role vis-a-vis beta amyloid and… read more