CR Way Teleconferences: Better than Email!


Support GroupHave you ever written a detailed email about an important health-related topic? Perhaps you took time to find supporting studies, or included a carefully crafted personal anecdote. How long did it take you? Hours? Days?

Even if your email was persuasively written, it might not communicate what you’d hoped to your audience. Your audience may be distracted – perhaps listening to more than one thing at once And even if they do read it, they may not remember it.

Another problem with email is that it is often impersonal. People do not communicate emotions the same way they do when they are speaking to each other.

So the CR Way frequently features live teleconferences, which are available to Contributing members. In the latest CR Way Open Forum discussion, we covered the following topics. It would have taken weeks to discuss them by email. This discussion took a little over an hour.

  • Grain Choices
  • Vision for a Healthy Immune System and your Teeth as you age
  • How do you get your uBiome Results to be Included in CR Way Research?
  • Microbial Profiles Related to Specific Diseases
  • Could it be True that my Glucose is so Low?
  • Blood Pressure Discussion
  • Sodium Intake – How much?
  • Estrogen Levels too Low?
  • Estrogen Intake – Synthetic vs. Bioidentical – Breast Cancer
  • Calorie Restrictors who develop Cancer, the List you don’t want to be on
  • Activating Anabolic Biochemistry to Heal your Eyes?
  • Can you test for Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Levels (BDNF)?
  • Lifting Weights Systematically to Protect Joints at risk for osteoporosis-related fracture

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