The BBC’s Michael Mosley and the Truth about Exercise

A highly regarded dental surgeon and a member of the CR Way sent us this video from the BBC: “The Truth about Exercise” Horizon 2012. We thought it important to consider the points the video raises for a number of reasons, the most important being visceral fat and how to keep its accumulation to a minimum.

Some people, like Michael Mosley, who narrates this video, have a predisposition to form fat around their internal organs. The MRIs of the Michael’s liver and pancreas show fat accumulation. And if left unchecked, that will likely lead to insulin resistance and diabetes that run in his family.

If you joined LivingTheCRWay to lose weight but are having difficulty shedding pounds and achieving the glucose control you’d like, the chances are great that you have accumulated visceral fat in and around your organs. Supporting what is seen in the video, you can find evidence of that and what to do about it in the type 2 diabetes section in the LivingTheCRWay store:  Type 2 Diabetes.

Another important lesson to be learned from this video is about exercise. Much of the program explores various kinds of exercise and how effective they are in reducing dangerous amounts of fat in the blood. Regrettably though, the test meal, used was horrible — loaded with fat and sugar that will take hours to fully rectify through exercise if it’s possible at all.

We discussed concepts like this in a blog: Would you set your house on fire?  The CR Way starts with meals that have heart healthy fat and fewer calories. So the amount of fat that the person in the BBC video sees in his blood test would be very unlikely in a CR Way member, whether they exercise or not.  Adding moderate exercise as recommended by The CR Way, will make a lipid profile even better.

The video discounts long exercise sessions because most people just don’t enjoy them, so they work towards a new form of highly intense exercise that produces “better” results.

If you hope to live an average lifespan and combat the results of a mediocre to poor diet, the strategies introduced in this video may be helpful. But if you want to extend your healthspan and possibly your lifespan, raising metabolic rate with short bursts of intense exercise, the “innovative” form of exercise recommended by scientists in the video, you will probably increase your risk of certain diseases and likelihood of  earlier mortality as described in this blog: Increased metabolic weight = death.

* Horizon – The Truth about Exercise (BBC, 2012) Michael Mosley, presenter

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