The Science of Caloric Restriction: What’s to be gained, what’s to be learned?

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Restricting calories has been shown to extend healthspan in a variety of species, including yeast, worms, fish, fruit flies, rodents and dogs. But results of studies on our close evolutionary cousins, rhesus monkeys, have been contradictory and controversial. Studies on humans who live a “caloric-restricted lifestyle” show improved cardiovascular health – but it is too early to tell if these people will live longer.

How does the emerging science of caloric restriction inform efforts to extend the healthy years of human life? How “restricted” does one need to be to benefit from a low-calorie diet? Is there a takeaway message for those who aren’t interested in a Spartan diet, but who want to eat well to live well?



Pankaj Kapahi, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Buck Institute. His lab is focused on understanding the role of nutrition and energy metabolism in lifespan and disease. His research confirms the finding that diet plays a major role in aging and age-related diseases. He aims to understand molecular mechanisms in an effort to extend healthy lifespan in people.




Paul McGlothin is Vice President for Research of the CR Society International and President of Living the CR Way. He specializes in creating research projects involving calorie-restricted human beings. He has worked with leading scientists at Harvard Medical School, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and the University of California, San Francisco. The CR Society International is holding its annual conference at the Buck Institute in June 2013.





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