Tracking Diet Improves your Life!

CR Way 4 Longer Life SoftwareLivingTheCRWay members who use the dietary software, often report significant improvements in their health and quality of life. Most people only guess about how much protein, fat, and carbohydrate they eat or – more important – how vital markers of health and longevity — blood pressure. Insulin, high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, etc. – are affected by diet. So if you strive for optimal health and longevity, it’s important to track, even if you do it for only a short time. Soon you’ll relate what you eat to how you function.

In time, your life will improve as you gain control over energy levels, cognition, the length and quality of your sleep, and many other functions that improve with smart dietary choices. The Optimal Health, Brain Booster, Healthful Weight Loss, and Diabetes Intervention memberships and Kidney Stone Prevention Program include the CR Way software as a benefit. If you prefer to use free software, try CRON-O-Meter or

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

If you want to lose weight, you must know how many calories you eat, so you can gauge your intake and exercise towards how many pounds you want to lose each week.

The same is true for those who want to gain weight, which should be considered if your BMI drops below 18.5. Losing or gaining all the weight you need in just a week or two is not necessary or even smart. Making a one- or two-pound difference per week is a reasonable, safe, and easy way to realize your weight goal over a period of time.

We don’t track our diet every day, but we do track it whenever we make significant dietary changes or when we participate in a research project such as DNA HACR.

A primary research goal for DNA HACR is to select a research group that analyzes the gut microbiome for participants. We are testing American Gut Health, which will analyze your gut microbiome for $99.00. We want to evaluate the quality of their analysis and already know that their scientists are leading experts in the field. They request a seven-day sample dietary intake as part of their testing procedure. We applaud them for this and are using the new CR Way 4 Longer Life edition software, which is available in the CR Way store.

This software has the advantage of being built to integrate the latest science into its tracking capabilities. This includes relevant information for evaluating gut health. For example, gut pathogens have been discovered that release oxalates to protect themselves when the pH rises too high. So even if you have an oxalate-controlled diet, (for more see Analyzing your Urine may Save your Kidneys) your urinary oxalate levels may still be high. This may be a warning that you would need to improve the microbial balance in your gut. It may also mean that you are at risk for formation of kidney stones as well as oxalate deposits in other parts of your body.

The new CR Way 4 Longer Life software is the first ever to provide dietary analysis of oxalate intake of foods, likely to be consumed on a healthful diet. It also provides a 24-Hour Kidney Stone Profile, with reference ranges for urinary oxalates. We created it with the help of kidney stone expert, Dr. Michael Rosen, who is an official doctor of the DNA HACR project.   The software is also loaded with helpful benchmarks that you can relate to dietary intake, as well as lifestyle practices to help activate longevity signaling in your cells.

Tracking dietary intake is so important we have decided to have a full member teleconference about it, set for Wednesday, June 26.  Prior to the call, all participants will receive a sample dietary intake from the just released CR Way 4 Longer Life Edition Software.




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