What is Calorie Restriction, Anyway?

What is Calorie Restriction, Anyway?We’ve just returned from an exhilarating and highly beneficial series of CR Society conferences in California. The events included the CR Society’s 10th anniversary as a non-profit organization. We are pleased and proud to have played a role in helping it thrive.

One central discussion point was how to define calorie restriction. This was the focus of Paul’s presentation to Buck audiences: The Practice of Science of Calorie Restriction: What’s to be gained and What’s to be learned? This presentation will be repeated, free-of-charge, at a special summer celebration at the CR Way Longevity Center on August 25. So if you are planning a summer vacation to New York, consider making it the healthiest you can by coming to the Center to celebrate.

The CR Way definition of calorie restriction: A low calorie diet that activates longevity signaling. This was indeed a major reason for creating the CR Way – to help people understand what this really means. Now, we know that diet is not enough. A happy, well-rounded lifestyle is essential and is not only fun, but carries physiological benefits right down to your DNA (For more read: How Emotions Affect your DNA).

Some think we need more monkey and  mouse studies to confirm that calorie restriction extends lifespan. We think there have been enough animal and people studies to confirm this already. A careful look at some centenarian and super centenarian (those who live to 110 and beyond) studies shows that they follow low calorie diets and are extremely happy and well adjusted people. For some inspiring examples, take a look at the LivingTheCRWay.com  forum posts about Bernando Lapallo and Jiroemon Kimura. To access them for free, sign up to be a Healthy Start member.


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