About the CR Way

Calorie Restriction

Anti Aging and the Joy of Healthy Living

Calorie Restriction–The CR Way–is not about restriction at all. It’s about joy. It’s about living up to your full potential by not eating any more than your body needs or wants.

We start by making the CR Way fun. Every recipe must be delicious. But it’s not about just delicious food, it’s about feeling good too.  Every bit of food that goes into your body could contribute to your health and well being – so you feel good while you eat  and after you eat.  You function in a more energy efficient, optimistic way. And if you need to lose weight, each meal is a perfect fit.

The principals of the CR Way include authors of the best selling book by the same title. Paul McGlothin, President of the CR Way, and Healthy Aging Strategist of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Meredith Averill, Vice President of the CR Way.

Adopting the CR Way Lifestyle

The CR Way is founded on 80 years of calorie restriction science proving that limiting calories is the only anti-aging diet that really works. But there is more. The CR Way is a holistic lifestyle that combines meditation, strategies for better sleep, improving brain power, boosting immunity, peak performance and increasing happiness. In fact, one of the forums on LivingTheCRWay.com is entitled, Meditation and Nurturing, where members post messages that are just meant to help others feel good. No one knows how long they will live, but you do know how good your life is right now. The CR Way will make it better.

Learn more about the CR Way and discover the benefits for yourself.  Start with the free calorie restriction healthy start membership.  It will be the first step in discovering the joys of a healthy, natural diet.  You’ll feel better just taking that first step.