CR Way Teleconferences: Better than Email!

Support Group

  Have you ever written a detailed email about an important health-related topic? Perhaps you took time to find supporting studies, or included a carefully crafted personal anecdote. How long did it take you? Hours? Days? Even if your email was persuasively written, it might not communicate what you’d hoped to your audience. Your audience… read more

CR Way Support Group Makes Healthful Longevity Living Easier

support group with map

Many of you have said that your friends and family sometimes make CR Way living difficult. Members report that they are often encouraged to eat all kinds of unhealthful things and, sometimes, even your friends make fun of you when you choose healthful food for your meals.  Others have a hard time embracing the new… read more

The Challenge of Giving Up Sugar

To launch The CR Way to Great Glucose Control fall classes, we held the first get-to-know-you community meeting teleconference. This is an open discussion for all participants. Just listening to the reasons why people sign up for the course is helpful. It shows you ways to use CR Way resources to help with your dietary… read more

Invitation: CR Way to Great Glucose Control – Open Meeting!


The CR Way to Great Glucose Control has its first open meeting teleconference this Sunday at 4 PM. All who have signed up for program or who have it in their membership benefits are encouraged to attend. People learn better in classes of  supportive, like-minded participants. These get-to-know-you teleconferences introduce participants, to the warm, friendly… read more

Better Glucose for Better Living – Longer!


  When people join LivingTheCRWay, they often want to know how to get started. One of the best ways is to take The CR Way to Great Glucose Control classes. Here, you can get suggestions for foods to choose, delicious recipes, meal plans, the science behind the diet, ten steps to take, and live, hands-on instruction. For… read more

Pathogenic Microbes in your Mouth can give you a Heart Attack

Pathogenic Microbes Infect the Heart

You can eat a heart-healthy diet, exercise regularly, get long and satisfying sleep, meditate, and do any number of other heart-supporting activities. Yet if you have pathogenic microbes in your mouth, they could give you a heart attack. Flashback five years ago: my beautiful mother was alive. She looked great – At 85, she exercised… read more

The CR Way Vision for Protecting your Brain


Two years ago, LivingTheCRWay launched an initiative to protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing that reduced retinal nerve fiber thickness (RNFL) may be predictive of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, we sought to find the world’s leading expert to teach us all how to assess retinal nerve fiber thickness. That led to CR Way research… read more

Getting your Brain Ready for Peak Performance

One of the things I do to keep my brain sharp for science is to play chess online. But with all the new research projects at LivingTheCRWay, I had not had the time to play for two months. Finally, this past Sunday I felt that I could take an hour out to play a game… read more

Harvard Oral Microbiome Expert, Dr. Bruce Paster, Featured on CR Way Expert Telelconference


  Only a year ago, this paper: “Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease” got full our attention.   What really riveted us was, if it turned out to be true, how could we stop it? We discussed the paper with some medical professionals who dismissed it, saying the reason that yeast was… read more

Air Quality and your Longevity


Last night we talked with a CR Way member about air quality. After our conversation, we decided it was time to send you a newsletter about it. If the quality of the air you breathe is improved, you will notice it: You will sleep better and cough less. Your skin and eye irritations will reduce.… read more