The BBC’s Michael Mosley and the Truth about Exercise

A highly regarded dental surgeon and a member of the CR Way sent us this video from the BBC: “The Truth about Exercise” Horizon 2012. We thought it important to consider the points the video raises for a number of reasons, the most important being visceral fat and how to keep its accumulation to a… read more

More High Protein Diet Dangers — Low Tryptophan, Low Serotonin, Insulin Resistance

Discussions continue on The CR Society’s list about the best diets for glucose control.  Some advocate high protein diets; however, the self-reported results I’ve seen often indicate insulin resistance. But why? One answer may be rooted in tryptophan uptake and the pathway it supports, which stimulates insulin production. If you eat a high protein diet… read more

Calorie Restriction Society, CR Way Summer Celebration

The CR Society – CR Way  Summer Celebration is coming up soon. We look forward to welcoming you to the festivities at the CR Way Longevity Center in Westchester County, NY, on Sunday afternoon, July 15, starting at 2 PM. This is a “come as you are” party – overweight, underweight, fighting a disease, or… read more

Finding Love The CR Way

Imagine you are a single woman, traveling the CR Way and living in a big city. It is lonely there and you would like a relationship but not with just anybody. You have had enough of  trying to build a relationship with people  who don’t share your ideals and  values. This time you want someone… read more