Alzheimer’s Disease – Causes and Breakthroughs

canstockphoto1056561Most of us plan to reach 85 or beyond, with a vision of optimal health – perhaps even healthier than you are now. If that truly happens, you will defy statistics. Regrettably, 45% of 85-year-olds will have Alzheimer’s disease. By better understanding probable causes of the disease, you have a better chance of avoiding it.

This is the focus of Wednesday’s teleconference, featuring Dr. Dale Bredesen, a world-leading Alzheimer’s disease researcher. He has sent LivingTheCRWay members an article he wrote about his studies with his Nobel Prize-winning mentor and now colleague, Stanley Prusiner. Here, he describes a new theory about Alzheimer’s Disease and how it may result from an age-related imbalance between cell proliferation and synaptic maintenance.

Sign-up as a Free Healthy Start memberand go to the Getting Smarter forum and read the post: Alzheimer’s Disease Expert, Dale Bredesen, to speak on Teleconference. Here you will find the article along with a well-done video presentation, Keeping your Memory, the Latest on Alzheimer’s Disease and its Prevention and a write-up from one of his papers: Next Generation Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease.

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