Why Calorie Restriction Works

Effective calorie restriction works differently from other low calorie diets. The CR Way approach focuses on optimal health and longevity. Anyone can create a low- calorie recipe. But The CR Way recommends food and lifestyle choices that change how your cells communicate. While every CR Way recipe is delicious, it also emphasizes slowing the rate at which cells divide – ultimately slowing growth.

At the recent Calorie Restriction Society Conference in Las Vegas, Living The CR Way president, Paul McGlothin presented The CR Way plan for customizing a low calorie, anti-aging diet that really works for longevity.


This slide provides background for how the CR Way down-regulates growth as an underlying biological theme for a longevity diet.

Still this  allows lots of flexibility as exemplified by a question from a CR Way member at a recent LivingTheCRWay teleconference – Would egg whites be a good snack? The answer basically boils down to one size does not fit all. If your IGF-I growth hormone pathway is low (determined by blood test), then it could be an excellent choice (try it with paprika and other tasty spices, so you really enjoy it). On the other hand, if your IGF-I is higher than normal, making egg whites a regular snack might not be a good idea. When CR Way members apply this customized approach to their longevity diet, they enjoy sticking with it and often experience extraordinary benefits:

  • Easy maintenance of a healthful weight – and weight loss, if needed
  • Lower body fat – reducing risk of disease
  • Protection from cardiovascular disease
  • Lower blood pressure – both systolic and diastolic
  • Lower LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Less plaque formation and reversal of plaque accumulation
  • Protection against cancer
  • Protection from diabetes and reduction of diabetes severity
  • Less inflammation
  • Reduced severity of autoimmune diseases
  • Improved cognitive functions: better memory, improved learning skills
  • More effective DNA repair and maintenance
  • More energy!

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