Finding Love The CR Way

Imagine you are a single woman, traveling the CR Way and living in a big city. It is lonely there and you would like a relationship but not with just anybody. You have had enough of  trying to build a relationship with people  who don’t share your ideals and  values. This time you want someone special. You want someone who, like you, cares enough about themselves to make the most of their life. And you know that a major part of the way you want to live means doing what you need to do to maintain optimal health.

You are pretty smart too and well educated. And your career is better that ever for you – recession or not. So you decide to take a chance. You see a single guy on a television special that you decide you would like to meet. You know that  he cares a lot about his health and is really smart about it. And  he is good looking too. That’s enough! You find out when the next CR Way meeting is going to be and whether he might go to it. And you get lucky: He plans on it!

So you buy a plane ticket, book a room in a hotel right where the meeting is held, pack your bags, get all prettied up, and off you go – a chance worth taking. The next part is about actually meeting him and you get lucky again: When you walk in, there he is right in the first  room you enter. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

This isn’t autobiographical, but we too met at a holistic learning center and recognized very shortly after meeting each other that pursuing and maintaining great health were goals we shared. And the CR Way has only brought us closer.

In an exchange of meaningful ideas to live by, Kenton’s “rule number 1” seems appropriate to include:

Find someone that makes you happy and spend as much time with them as possible for no job and no amount of money will ever equal this.


Paul and Meredith

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