Harvard Oral Microbiome Expert, Dr. Bruce Paster, Featured on CR Way Expert Telelconference



Only a year ago, this paper: “Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease” got full our attention.   What really riveted us was, if it turned out to be true, how could we stop it?

We discussed the paper with some medical professionals who dismissed it, saying the reason that yeast was found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients is likely because they had poor hygiene. A few months passed and another paper appeared, Microbes and Alzheimer’s disease.

This took the form of a plea from 30 scientists worldwide, citing Alzheimer’s possible link to microbial infections.

Then in May 2016, Harvard found that beta amyloid was the brain’s response: trying to rid itself of microbial infestation. Enough is enough. Microbial infestation might not be the only reason people get Alzheimer’s disease, but it may be an important one.  And it’s not just Alzheimer’s disease. The oral microbiome links to many diseases.

These are the important questions – How can you protect your brain against microbial infestation? And towards that end: Where would these microbes come from? (The oral microbiome seems a likely candidate.)

So, we turned to Dr. Bruce Paster for some answers. Dr. Paster works in distinguished positions in oral microbiology:

Professor of Oral Medicine, Infection & Immunity at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Harvard Medical School

Professor II, Faculty of Dentistry, Institute of Oral Biology, Univ. Oslo, Norway

Director, Sequencing Core, The Forsyth Institute; and Director, HOMINGS (Human Oral Microbe Identification by Next Generation Sequencing) Oral Microbial Identification Core, The Forsyth   Institute

You may have read about him already in the latest CR Way blog post, or looked at his paper, “A practical guide to the oral microbiome and its relation to health and disease,” which is also the topic of his forthcoming teleconference.

You can find out more about the CR Way and its microbiome research by becoming a free Healthy Start member here. If you want to join the teleconference with Dr. Paster, as well as other teleconferences with leading scientists, become a Contributing member of LivingTheCRWay.

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