Meatballs: Part of your Valentine Week Celebration!?

We invite you to celebrate Valentine Week with love from the CR Way. Sign up to be free Healthy Start member, and you’ll experience good food and camaraderie. A special teleconference by Moshira, the rising star of deliciously healthful organic food, is set for Saturday, February 18 at 11:30 am (ET).

Moshira SolimonMoshira Soliman is the owner of Pureganic Café, a trend-setting haven for healthy food lovers in the New York area. Moshira started as a clinical nutritionist with years of counseling experience. Health-oriented folk were blessed when she created the Pureganic Café. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy natural fresh organic food that is healthful and delicious.

Moshira has created a relaxing décor that helps Pureganic diners get in the mood to experience good food. Her creative talents are evident throughout the menu with dishes like spaghetti-squash spaghetti and “meatballs,” a taco bowl, a savory tart featuring tomato and zucchini, and tangy lentil rolls with peppers and flecks of parsley.

Like most of us who live amidst a maelstrom of unhealthy fast food, you will be thrilled when you walk into Pureganic Café and see the buffet. You’ll find dishes like

Salad Bar Pureganic

Veggie Burgers (white quinoa) – with carrots, zucchini, onion

Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms – with tofu, tomatoes and other fresh organic veggies

Leek-and-Broccoli salad – made tangy with lemon – and other temptations.

Reinventing the Foods you Loved

Even though CR Way members are some of the healthiest people on earth, they occasionally like to get back to their cultural roots by enjoying foods they liked before they discovered the joys of healthful eating.Spaghetti Squash & _Meatballs_

Be of good cheer! Moshira makes it easy for you to experience some of those classic dishes healthfully. Remember spaghetti and meatballs? Like many dishes, it may have gone by the wayside

when you started to clean up your diet. But listen to this: Moshira has created a New Age “spaghetti and meatballs” dish made with spaghetti squash and mushroom meatballs: Add some tomato sauce without sugar and voila! You can enjoy this classic recipe, without guilt, at Pureganic.

What about tacos? We were amazed when – at a recent CR Way gathering at Pureganic – a taco came, loaded with all kinds of goodies you’d expect in Taco Bowl from Pureganica taco. Instead of the traditional high-GI cornmeal crust, though, this creation was made with a nut crust. Fresh, and beautiful – all of us enjoyed savoring its flavors.

Now imagine your CR Way Valentine Week. It starts today, with the latest CR Way blog post offering some ideas for nurturing and better sleep that you may not have thought of. On Valentine’s Day itself, we’ll send you a loving CR Way recipe that you can curl up with or share. The CR Way Support Group will be up and running by then, so those of you, who would like to experience this lifestyle in partnership with others, can do so.

More surprise goodies will come your way from Wednesday through Friday, and you will cap the week off with Moshira’s teleconference on Saturday, February 18, designed to help you enjoy your healthful food at a whole new level.

Enjoyment Required!

Yes, the CR Way is about science and research, and it’s also about fun. Every day is an opportunity for joy and nurturing – both giving and receiving. Your diet makes you feel good – when eating it and when contemplating it.

Let’s celebrate Valentine Week together!

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