Become a Brain SuperAger

Dr. Emily Rogalski, the innovative scientist at the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, discovered that some people do not experience mental decline as they progress into their 80s.¬† Her recent study,¬† Superior Memory and Higher Cortical Volumes in Unusually Successful Cognitive Aging,¬† named these extraordinary seniors “SuperAgers” and described significant differences between their brains and those of most people who experience cognitive decline as they get older. Dr. Rogalski will be our Guest Expert on a Brain Booster teleconference¬† to be scheduled in March.

So we’ve decided to use the upcoming Brain Booster teleconference on February 9th to get ready for Dr. Rogalski. In addition to brushing up on Brain Booster Basics, we will outline the beneficial changes she noticed in the SuperAgers’ brains and discuss how we can strive to equal their outstanding cognitive feats.

If you are a Brain Booster member, make sure to join us next Saturday, February 9. If you are not yet a Brain Booster member, you can still improve your brain power substantially by becoming a free Healthy Start member. Benefits include access to posts and related blogs in the Getting Smarter forum. Make sure to listen to the free teleconference with Dr. Mark Mattson, where we discuss some of the strategies to use to make your brain like those of SuperAgers.


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