Calorie Restriction Society, CR Way Summer Celebration

The CR Society – CR Way  Summer Celebration is coming up soon. We look forward to welcoming you to the festivities at the CR Way Longevity Center in Westchester County, NY, on Sunday afternoon, July 15, starting at 2 PM.

This is a “come as you are” party – overweight, underweight, fighting a disease, or in perfect health – everyone is welcome.  Just come enjoy delicious CR Way treats in a friendly supportive atmosphere and make some new friends.

It’s a perfect time to visit Westchester County, New York, too. An amazing, new restaurant, Andy’s Pure Food, has sprung up with four locations nearby. Andy’s serves delicious, healthful CR meals, featuring organic ingredients that are crafted into lightly cooked and raw fresh-daily entrées.  If you are coming from far away, you consider planning a visit of a few days just to go to Andy’s and enjoy their array of appealing, healthful foods. Sampling Andy’s sumptuous buffet is a great way to get started on a CR lifestyle or raise your level of understanding of just how tasty healthful eating can be.

If you need to stay overnight, don’t worry about paying high, New York City prices. You can stay at The Alexander Hamilton House, It’s only 10 minutes away from the Longevity Center door.

And speaking of The CR Way Longevity Center   – it borders the Teatown Lake (Nature) Reservation,, so you’ll want to leave time for hiking on Teatown’s nature trails that wind through more than 800 acres of woods – some hilly – and  meadows. We saw wild turkeys, crossing our Teatown hiking path just yesterday. And on our evening walk, beautiful, deep-orange butterflies said hello by lighting on wildflowers nearby.

The Jacob Burns Film Center is only 8 miles away too, which has regular offerings of great often not-widely-available movies.

Join the Celebration by sending an RSVP with your address  to and we will send you directions.

Looking forward to welcoming you,

Paul & Meredith


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