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Reversing Age-Related Decline

We are often seen in media reports, showing people how to start a healthy low-calorie diet, which we welcome as part of our mission. But for those who want the best chance to be part of a Utopian future, we have some important news: The opportunity to reverse or slow many age-related declines that are… read more

CR Way Produces Younger Genetic Profile

For the first time in history we have confirmation that long-term serious calorie restriction slows aging at the cellular level in human beings. Dr. Luigi Fontana’s marvelous new paper:  Calorie Restriction in Humans Inhibits the PI3K/AKT Pathway and Induces a Younger Transcription Profile. You can read the full paper on the latest blog on livingthecrway.com.… read more

LivingTheCRWay.com Introduces Calorie Restriction Diet for a Healthful Weight Loss – a New, Friendly Approach to Calorie Restriction

Livingthecrway.com announces the CR Way Healthful Weight Loss membership, a science-validated approach to calorie restriction for losing weight. Benefits include delicious, easy-to-prepare calorie restriction diet plans that help reduce comfort food cravings. Healthful Weight Loss members become part of a holistic community of people who give live, caring, and knowledgeable support. Scientific Validation In the… read more

CR Society – CR Way Summer Celebration Success

What an extraordinary celebration on Sunday! Thanks to so many of you who came from near and far to join the gathering. It seems that everyone who attended had a success story to tell. Even before many guests said hello, you could see their success just by their terrifically healthy-looking bodies. To make sure everyone… read more

Calorie Restriction Society, CR Way Summer Celebration

The CR Society – CR Way  Summer Celebration is coming up soon. We look forward to welcoming you to the festivities at the CR Way Longevity Center in Westchester County, NY, on Sunday afternoon, July 15, starting at 2 PM. This is a “come as you are” party – overweight, underweight, fighting a disease, or… read more