Dental Health for Wellness and Longevity

canstockphoto2542288Most likely, your dentist cleans your teeth regularly and checks your gum pocket depth. The health of your gum pockets may prove to be a valuable predictor of microbiome health, disease risk, and even mortality.

Here are some questions to ask about your gingival microbiome:

  • How many gum pockets do you have that are greater than a depth of 3 mm?
  • What is the microbial makeup of your gingival pockets — Are there high concentrations of pathogenic bacteria that put you at risk for other diseases?
  • If you could tip the balance of your gingival microbiome towards good bacteria by systematically controlling pocket depth, could it have favorable effects in other parts of your body?
  • Could it help balance your gut microbiome favorably?
  • Could it reduce risk of developing other diseases?
  • Could it help reduce the age-related drain on hematopoietic stem cells that must constantly replenish your immune system?
  • Could your gingival microbiome be a rate-of-aging gauge for your immune system — Is increased gum pocket depth over time a sign that your immune system needs replenishing?
  • Could your dental health be an indicator of osteoporosis risk/health?
  • When one has scaling and rootplaning done to remove the dental plaque, its products, and calculus – all of which cause inflammation, thus helping to establish periodontal health: Does the healing process reflect what is happening with bone formation/resorption?

It just makes sense to use the knowledge you get from your dentist as part of your evaluation of overall health and aging. To help you do that, LivingTheCRWay is launching the Oral Microbiome Project (OMP) as part of the 125-Year Plan.

To help launch the OMP, Europe’s celebrated periodontal expert and LivingTheCRWay member, Dr. Gregory Fickert, will speak with Contributing Members at a CR Way Teleconference about dental health on Saturday, July 18, at 11:30 am (ET). This time was chosen for the benefit of members across the pond. We hope it, indeed, works well for International members to join this call.

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