Dining the CR Way!

DSC_0240The past few days have been a great joy: We’ve had the chance to sit down with Mark Gardner, an outstanding member of LivingTheCRWay. He flew in from Texas to see us and participate in the filming of a BBC documentary that features the CR Way. Mark, who is now a Brain Booster member, needed to lose weight when he first joined. And over the past two years, he has lost 90 pounds.

Mark’s weight is perfect now. He looks lean and muscular and has lots of energy. According to Mark, he feels “brand new.” So it was fun to dine with him in the CR Way Longevity Center and treat him to some hearty meals designed to help all of us maintain our weights.

One meal included fresh red and orange peppers from the farmers’ market, added to organic sweet potato chunks and cooked together so the natural flavors would complement each other. This was served over hulled barley – spiced with ginger, juniper berries, tarragon, and fennel. We worked a little healthy fat in with walnuts and tied all the tastes together with lemon juice. A second course featured sprouted grain bread with a choice of fermented beets, carrots, pickles, cabbage, or kimchi from Real Pickles.

This Saturday, we’ll have lunch at Andy’s Pure Food Restaurant with another Healthful Weight Loss member from England, who wanted to stop by for a visit.

Tomorrow night (Friday), the monthly “Getting Started” teleconference for Healthful Weight Loss members will be held at 7:30 pm (ET). It’s an opportunity for us to get to know you and share basic principles that you must put in place for successful, long term, low-calorie living.

Getting to know each other is part of what the CR Way community offers. Longevity is more than just living longer – it’s living better. And that includes friendship and support. That’s what the CR Way community is all about.

If you would like to talk by phone or get together for a meal, call or email us.  Help us help you get the most from the CR Way.

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