Free Better Glucose for a Better Life Videos


We’ve been working on glucose control for more than a decade. Glucose control is vital for the success of any form of dietary restriction for life extension. It is also essential for any dietary approach to preventing prediabetes or type 2 diabetes to succeed. To help our readers learn more about glucose control, we create the Better Glucose for a Better Life free video series. which is now available. You can see the CR Way to Great Glucose Control Introduction here.

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Many important subjects are presented:

  • Glucose targets to aim for
  • Measuring glucose without pain
  • Swing foods – healthful foods that “swing” into a high-GI category
  • What if my glucose is still too high?
  • Putting glucose control into practice

The Better Glucose for a Better Life videos are essential viewing for anyone who wants to improve their glucose levels. The CR Way to Great Glucose Control classes will include instructional videos.

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