Immune System Challenge – no Calorie Restriction today!

A few days ago, I found a deer tick on my thumb. It probably had not been there long since I wash my hands often. Nevertheless, I take the possibility of disease from ticks seriously.
Deer ticks are common in many parts of the U.S. These insects are so tiny that they are easy to mistake for a speck of dirt. Many animals and people suffer from chronic illness or damage from Lyme disease – a deer tick spreads illness.Symptoms range from a characteristic skin rash with a ring around it to headache,fatigue and fever.

Lyme disease cannot be ignored because the effects can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system.

A major concern about Lyme disease is the treatment method, usually doxycycline. You know what that means: serious damage to your gut and possibly other microbiome(s). It will take your microbiome some time to recover (Contributing members see Recovering from Antibiotic Damage in the Microbiome section). Of extreme concern: Doxycycline also interferes with your mitochondria, your cells’ energy producers, leaving you tired. See: Tetracyclines Disturb Mitochondrial Function (No wonder they make you tired!) in the Protection from Disease forum on

So I went into red alert – bolstering my immune response to any disease challenge the tick might have given me. Here are the elements of the response. Don’t be shocked. This is not the time for slowing cell proliferation, which is a probable longevity benefit of the CR Way approach to calorie restriction. You need to generate an immune response fast when you are attacked by a dangerous pathogen.

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