Making a calorie restriction diet easy the CR Way

Following a calorie restriction diet is easier and healthier with the CR Way to Happy Dieting, which is now part of

The CR Way to Happy Dieting is a one-of-a-kind resource for millions of people who want to lose weight but need help. Fly-by-night weight-loss plans that promise overnight solutions can be frustrating and even dangerous. In fact, many diets make people so miserable that they return to their old eating habits after only a few days.

The CR Way to Happy Dieting makes it easy for those who care about your health and quality of life to follow a diet that works. Users learn how food and lifestyle choices positively affect brain chemistry, so happiness is more likely – making it easy to stick to a healthful diet while enjoying delicious, satisfying meals.

A variety of meal suggestions are offered so that readers can find foods they enjoy that fit their lifestyles. The CR Way to Happy Dieting even offers a fast foods plan that makes good health practices accessible to the busiest person.

Accessed through or provided as a download to Healthful Weight Loss membersMaking a calorie restriction diet easy the CR Way , this multimedia resource includes video, interactive meditation, internal and external linking and delicious, one-click recipes organized into meal plans to make healthful dieting easy.

The meal plans go beyond healthful weight loss and are designed to increase functionality: Breakfasts, for example will likely increase your alertness while evening meals facilitate release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that stimulates relaxation, making a good night’s sleep more likely.

The CR Way to Happy Dieting is accessible 24/7 with no additional charges for updates.

To learn more visit: Healthful Weight Loss Membership.

2 Responses to “Making a calorie restriction diet easy the CR Way”

  1. Tinda Akimbo

    Hi, I had a gastric bypass in october 2010, here we are now the beginning of 2014 and the other day I saw a program, where they interwieved Joe Cordell, I had not heard about the CR Way before but find it very interesting, can gastric bypass and CR be combined, I have lost 20 kg but hoped to have lost 40 furthermore I have some allergies where nuts, citrus fruit and fruits with seeds are not an option for me to eat, I’m tired of being tired thinking about all that I cant eat instead I know there are many fruits and vegetables I can eat, but the healthy fat from nuts where do I get that. I am 51 one years old or young however you want to put it and I live in Denmark.
    Kind regards Tinda

  2. admin

    Welcome, Tinda! Thank you for your question. Yes you can follow a calorie restriction diet after having a bypass. In fact, we have some long-term members who have had bypasses who are doing very well. We do recommend an ongoing relationship with a physician and regular monitoring to make sure you maintain excellent health. You will find the CR Way for Longer Life software to be very helpful. It provides detailed nutritional analysis of meals, so you can be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

    For those living in Europe and other parts of the world, we like to talk with them personally a few times of year, to help them get started, stay on track, and to answer any questions. Such calls are easy with skype.


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