CR Society and CR Way Holiday Party at Andy’s Pure Foods Restaurant

Andys foods

For years we have held CR holiday parties in the New York area. We welcome members of the CR Society and of LivingTheCRWay, folks who are just introducing themselves to CR, and others who are just curious.

Sometimes the get-togethers are at the CR Way Longevity Center . Other times we meet at a CR-friendly restaurant. This year, Andy’s Pure Food in Rye, New York, is the overwhelming favorite location. The delicious food Andy serves is perfect for CR folk. You can read more about it  here.

 We will meet on Saturday, December 28, at 11:00 for brunch. Andy’s is a quick (45-minute) Metro-North ride from Grand Central Terminal and is easily accessible from the surrounding area., Google Maps will help if you need directions.

Holidays get-togethers are especially important for CR newcomers. Often, well-meaning family and friends put pressure on new CR folks – lose weight, gain weight, eat this, not that – you know the drill. Sometimes holidays can be lonely too, and people feel the need to eat to take their blues away.If you feel that way, it’s all the more reason to come to this warm, friendly gathering of like-minded people.

Another motivation to come is to hear about all the new, exciting things that are happening in CR Way life: optimizing your microbiomes, new ideas for better eyesight, easier ways to recover from muscle strain, focusing on stem cell health and replacement. What a lot to talk about!

So hop a train, grab a car, whatever you need to do, and make sure to RSVP to let us know you’ll be there on the 28th.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Paul & Meredith

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