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October 24 with Dr. Bromberg!

When we started calorie restriction almost 20 years ago, we were lucky: We had the guidance of superb physicians. In fact one of them, Paul’s former internist, practices calorie restriction.

At the time, little research on calorie restriction in humans was available. So, most of what people practiced was based on guesswork. Rather than follow popular theories – with or without facts, we vowed to test what we do. Towards that end, we built strong relationships with great doctors: specialists who could provide the best clinical guidance on what to test and ways to strive for optimal health of the body’s vital organs. We were not looking for them to endorse or promote CR but to use their knowledge to diagnose and treat us.

We have methodically worked with each of them, testing to see how scientific research works when in practice. We share knowledge we’ve gained from this experience with you, members of!

On Wednesday, October 24, The CR Way Expert Teleconference Series presents Dr. Warren M. Bromberg, a delightful human being and superb physician. Board certified in urology, his specialties include Kidney stones and Incontinence in men and women, Bladder Cancer, and Prostate Cancer with a subspecialty of using Robotic Surgery to treat it.

Besides being superb in his ability to analyze many types of medical problems, Doctor Bromberg has great technique, so testing procedures that could be painful or even dangerous under the hands of certain physicians, seem effortlessly effective when he performs them. One of the aspects of his approach that impresses us the most is his use of ultrasound, which provides real time pictures of the organs he evaluates. This helps diagnosis and provides an excellent reference point to work from for tracking organ function.

The prophetic Dr. Roy Walford predicted that if a man lives long enough he will develop prostate cancer. We count on Dr. Bromberg to help us beat those odds.

We plan to initiate a new project (to be announced) that evaluates DNA integrity by looking at telomere length. Combining this knowledge with PSA readings may be more predictive of prostate cancer than PSA by itself. We do not expect Dr. Bromberg to enter into a research project with us or say yea or nay about the relationship between telomere length and prostate cancer. All we want is for him to use his superb diagnostic techniques to evaluate our health.

Wt the upcoming teleconference, Dr. Bromberg will speak about how he evaluates kidney and prostate health.

If you are a full member and plan to attend the teleconference, please feel free to send in questions in advance.

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