Automatic Recording of an Entire Week of Meals by CR Way Software

On a recent teleconference, Mark mentioned that he would like CR Way 4 Longer Life Software to automatically record an entire week of meals.

That is relatively easy to make happen. I begin by inputting some favorite mealsĀ  like this Cranberry Tease Meal, consisting of 120g (grams) raw cranberries, 125 g hulled barley, 15 g. pumpkin seeds, 6 g flax seed, and 3g lemon juice. I put that into the meals tab, named it, then inputted the whole meal to my food log with one click. It is easy to do the same for an entire day or an entire week, depending upon how consistent your food choices are.

The software analyses your entire meal in the same detail as a recipe. Take a look:

Comprehensive Meal Report-Cranberry Tease-1
Once your meals or meal plans are inputted, you can get the software to record them automatically, just opening the food log.

By the way, I used the glucose tracker this morning too, recording fasting glucose, amount of rise after my tease meal ( from 72-85) and the lowering effect of 20 minutes of rowing — back down to 72 ( success!). You can set the exercise tracker on auto-record too.

We plan to have a software teleconference soon to help new users take advantage of all the features that make meal tracking easy.





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