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Tease Meal Plus Nitric Oxide Produces Extraordinary Glucose Control

LivingTheCRWay suggests using a tease meal™ to increase glucose control. The tease meal is a small serving amount of carbs and a little healthy fat to help stimulate insulin production before you eat your main meal. CR Way 4 Longer Life software users will notice that the tease meal is one of the courses included in the… read more

Help for Calorie Restrictors who Need to GAIN Weight

Many people who start calorie restriction do not need to lose one pound. In fact, many need to gain weight. Calorie Restriction is not about weight loss (though it often happens) or gain. It is about activating longevity signaling in cells, as we have often discussed. One problem in putting this into practice is getting… read more

Automatic Recording of an Entire Week of Meals by CR Way Software

On a recent teleconference, Mark mentioned that he would like CR Way 4 Longer Life Software to automatically record an entire week of meals. That is relatively easy to make happen. I begin by inputting some favorite meals  like this Cranberry Tease Meal, consisting of 120g (grams) raw cranberries, 125 g hulled barley, 15 g.… read more

CR Way 4 Longer Life Software

  CR Way 4 Longer Life Software  Takes the guesswork out of healthy living Nutribase and LivingTheCRWay.com announce new software that makes achieving optimal health – and longer life – more possible than ever. Working with NutriBase, the world leader for nutrition and fitness software, Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill of Livingthecrway.com have incorporated the… read more