Cognitive Aging Expert, Dr. Timothy Salthouse, to Appear on LivingTheCRWay Teleconference

canstockphoto4993230At long last, we have been able to schedule a Brain Booster teleconference date for Dr. Timothy Salthouse, leading expert on the decline with age of cognitive capabilities: Saturday, March 8, 4:00 pm (ET).

Most people think cognitive decline begins in the 50s, 60s, or beyond – but that’s just when it becomes noticeable. According to Dr. Salthouse’s research, cognitive decline begins around age 23. Understanding how and why cognitive decline occurs is a first step in slowing or reversing brain aging.

All blog readers will benefit from reviewing the blogs about Dr. Salthouse and his work on cognition.

Improve Cognition with Calorie Restriction and Blood Sugar Management
 Cognitive Capabilities Peak at 22

We also recommend the website of Dr. Salthouse’s lab. The Cognitive Aging Laboratory.  Do take advantage of the following cognition testing it offers – with the caveat that these are meant more for fun than definitive evaluation.

On-line Cognitive Test

Self-administered Test

Attention, Brain Boosters! We will have a Brain-Booster-Basics-and-“Salthouse-preparatory” teleconference on Wednesday, Feb 26, at 7:30 pm (ET)

Drawing attention to Dr. Salthouse’s work is timely because on Saturday, March 15, a special teleconference with LivingTheCRWay member, Dave Brauer, and Dr. Tom Seyfried will compare different ways to practice a ketogenic diet – an important intervention for combating brain aging.
Full members should visit the ketogenic diet meal plan under Getting Smarter

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