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Try Ketogenesis the CR Way

The LivingtheCRWay ketogenesis teleconference with Dave Brauer and Dr. Tom Seyfried is next Saturday at 5 pm (ET). Mark your calendars: This extraordinary opportunity may well be life-saving or at least life-changing. All contributing members are invited to participate. Dave is a highly intelligent, diligent member of LivingTheCRWay and a friend for many years. He… read more

Cognitive Aging Expert, Dr. Timothy Salthouse, to Appear on LivingTheCRWay Teleconference

At long last, we have been able to schedule a Brain Booster teleconference date for Dr. Timothy Salthouse, leading expert on the decline with age of cognitive capabilities: Saturday, March 8, 4:00 pm (ET). Most people think cognitive decline begins in the 50s, 60s, or beyond – but that’s just when it becomes noticeable. According… read more

Ketogenic Diet Expert Returns to LivingTheCRWay

LivingTheCRWay.com is proud to announce that ketogenic diet expert, Dr. Tom Seyfried,¬† returns for another Expert Teleconference¬† on Saturday, March 15, at 5:00 pm (ET). Understanding ketosis and how to safely apply it is important. So, no doubt, you will appreciate hearing more from Dr. Seyfried – one of the world’s leading experts on ketogenesis.… read more

Low Glucose Kills Cancer Cells while Lengthening the Life of Healthy Cells

During the recent Great Glucose Control teleconference, Anthony, one of our new members, asked an important question: How does glucose affect methylation? I was inspired by his question to find out more. Methylation is a hot topic right now because it is a biological imprint of the influences of lifestyle and diet on DNA. We… read more